The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Medicine Hat Regional Hospital is temporarily closed after a water leak flooded the unit Wednesday and officials discovered long-term water damage.

There were three infants in the NICU when the damage was discovered and it's not clear when the unit will reopen. 

"The repairs are going to take longer than we had expected," said Dr. Vanessa Maclean, medical director for Alberta Health Services' south zone. "We are keeping moms and dads informed at every stage of our planning and we will move infants to either Lethbridge or Calgary as needed."

Of the three infants in the unit at the time, two were transferred to another area of the hospital and one was transferred to a different facility.

Infants who are in stable condition can remain at Medicine Hat Regional Hospital, as long as they don't require access to ventilators or pediatric or cardiac surgical care.

Women identified for high-risk deliveries will be transferred to other facilities to deliver their babies.

The hospital will still provide emergency C-section services.