Calgarians should be allowed to use their own equipment to help clear snowed-in residential streets, says mayoral candidate Ald. Ric McIver.

In his snow removal policy released on his campaign website Thursday, the Ward 12 alderman said he would end the city's policy of discouraging residents from using their own vehicles to clear local roads.

"As Mayor, Ric will make it possible for citizens who own snow clearing equipment to get approval to help their neighbours after big snow storms. Calgary should be encouraging good neighbourly relations rather than outlawing them," he said.

McIver also promised that, in heavy snow conditions, all roads will be cleared; a list of frequent trouble spots will be compiled so that crews can be better prepared; and that more city vehicles will be equipped with plows to supplement the regular fleet.

"Snow removal isn't rocket science and just throwing money at it isn't the answer either," McIver said.

Rival candidate Ald. Bob Hawkesworth attacked McIver's spending plans on Thursday, calling his election promises irresponsible.

"Ric McIver has also said he will eliminate the business tax, which will either shift 100 per cent of the burden onto the backs of residential property owners, or see the city give up $200-million a year in revenues," said Bob Hawkesworth.

"That handout to Ric's donors is the equivalent to the cost of the city's fire department," Hawkesworth said.