mccall lake

The city is holding public consultations on what to do with McCall Lake Golf Course, which is slated to close after 2015. (CBC)

Calgary's McCall Lake golf course may not close after all.

The city-owned course was scheduled to close at the end of the 2015 season but many people said they do not want to see that happen. Now, a report by city administration says the proposed redevelopment plan isn't feasible and is recommending against it.

"We did the feasibility study, it came back and said it's not feasible to do this," said Coun. Ray Jones. "They weren't going to get the benefit out of it that they originally thought they would. They took into consideration the public and the surveys and put everything together and said it just wasn't worth doing."

Jones says they can get money to fix up the McCall Lake golf course from a City of Calgary sport fund.

The recommendation will be discussed at a city committee on Wednesday.