Editor's Note: As part of our coverage for the Oct. 16 civic election, CBC Calgary has offered each candidate for the office of mayor the opportunity to write up to 700 words on our website, outlining what they believe to be the greatest challenges facing our city, and what they would do about those challenges if elected. These articles are run as submitted — edited only to meet CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices. This article is part of that series. The CBC's primary goal through our election coverage is to provide citizens with the information they need to make an informed decision on polling day.

20 Plank Policy Platform

I pledge to restore the Lordship of Christ to the Mayor's Office in harmony with the Supremacy of God preamble of the Charter. This is a transparent statement of my value allegiance and no one need be surprised if my actions are based on this overarching governance.

1. Cut City Staffing by one-third. City Hall is a Growth Planning Monstrosity afflicted with the equivalent of Gigantism. Unnecessary and distortion producing growth due to pituitary tumor producing overproduction of growth hormone.

2. Fighting Congestion and making vehicle travel in Calgary efficient again will be a major focus of Larry's term.

3. Reversal of the renaming of Langevin Bridge to Reconciliation Bridge. Halting the imposition of supplanted loyalties, and dumping of invocation of Treaty Seven sovereignty that replaced the Council Prayer. Educate on the dangers of false historical revisionism of Canada's History. Promote the Commonwealth and the monarchy as an irreplaceable part of Canada's History.

4. Commitment to restore the Lordship of Christ over the Mayor's Office To honor the Supremacy of God as the basis for the Rule of law.

5. Dissolving the Municipal Land Corporation to get the City out of profiting from the manipulation and speculation of land pricing.

6. Seek to Remove Bowfort Towers to a more suitable location such as the entrance to a Calgary landfill. Revoking of the Public Art policy, and making grants conditional per location, subject to public scrutiny before project is chosen.

7. Reinstate the older hours when a playground speed zone was applicable. Do not allow schools to be designated playground zones. Oppose any moves to lower residential speeds down to 40 or 30kph across the City.

8. Phase out the use of CRL districts which burden the general taxpayer, and the ruse of Bonus Density slush funds.

9. Educate on the origin of, the irreplaceable benefits of R1 Community zoning and restrict the secondary suites areas, reinstate the application fees.

10. Reduce the Cycle track network on major roads, limit the growth of cycling lanes to proven usage only. Proper reporting of non-distorting statistics.

11. Stop the needless replication of Provincial and Federal Ministry Departments and functions within the City structure.

12. Scale back on the 'royalty language' of design. We should serve the taxpayer, not the excessive vision of a bankrupting, #Socialust regime. Drastically reduce the amount of time spent In-Camera from the public scrutiny. From the current 25% to a median 7%.

13. Reversing the Diversity, Equal Gender hiring mandates of the Civic Administration, Police Force, and Fire Department. All positions to be merit based only.

14. Work on cutting the supply chain of illegal drugs. Educate citizens on the harm of so-called legalized drugs. Tough action on the pushers of drugs.

15. Refuse as much as possible, all provincial and Federal funding based on ill-defined Carbon Taxes, environmental penalties which are harmful to the oil and gas economy of Calgary.

16. Repeal and Replace the bankrupting and foolish, excessive urban designs of Imagine Calgary, The Municipal Development Plan, and the Calgary Transportation Plan. Restore the primacy of the automobile and truck to our mode of transportation. Monumentalizing in the Core cannot be allowed to debase Municipal Standards throughout the rest of the Calgary.

17. Drastically reduce property and business taxes, letting the business growth develop along consumer demand, not socialistic projections.

18. Revoke Stickered Mailbox bans, these are a violation of protected Free Speech.

19. The building of a new Arena can only be accomplished by ensuring drastic cutbacks in municipal spending and mandate drift and overreach. The lowering of property and utilities taxation will benefit all pro sports ventures in the City.

20. A major reform in enforcement of the Community Standards bylaw to reverse the current slide into SlumVille tolerated by the current regime. Also a dedicated program to halt weed proliferation on private and public realms. The current 3rd Worldish maintenance standards of the current regime must be taken to the dump along with Bowfort Towers.