The latest gourmet dining experience in Calgary may soon be as close as the sidewalk.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi said he is considering changing the rules to allow mobile kitchens on city streets.

One of the city's premier steakhouses, Charcut Roast House, is already planning a truck selling gourmet burgers.

"We're also going to be serving fries. They'll be fried in duck fat and hand cut on the truck," said chef Connie deSouza.

Nenshi said despite health and regulatory issues, he'd like to see the trucks operating soon. 

"We're making our way through how to make that happen. We hope we will have the first of these by the end of the summer," he said.

Jo-Jo's Barbeque operates out of a converted motor home on a rented lot in the northeast. The owner and cook, Jody Barned, said she can't wait to drive off the lot and hit the streets.

"It's so successful in other major cities in North America. Why should Calgary be left out?"

One issue that still has to be settled is how the interests of existing restaurant's will be protected if a high-end mobile kitchen rolls up outside.