Mayor Naheed Nenshi isn't sporting an Argonauts jersey Monday after losing his Grey Cup bet.

Toronto captured the 100th Grey Cup on home turf with a 35-22 victory over Calgary.

Nenshi lost his game bet to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford — who was ordered by an Ontario judge today to be relieved of his duties as the city's chief magistrate.

Ford had given Nenshi a jersey to wear at an upcoming council meeting but Nenshi decided to wear his Stampeders jersey Monday instead, saving the Argonauts jersey for another day.  


Mayor Naheed Nenshi, wearing a Stampeders jersey under his blazer, talks to reporters on Monday. (CBC)

As part of his loss, Nenshi also has to donate Ford's weight in food, an estimated 330 lbs., to Toronto's food bank.

He wasn't the only Albertan who lost a friendly bet.

Alberta Premier Alison Redford, who lost her bet with Ontario Premier Dalton McGunity, has to donate 100 articles of clothing to McGunity's favourite charity. 

Dr. Clément Lanthier, the CEO of the Calgary Zoo, cleaned out the penguin enclosure Monday after a bet with his counterpart at the Toronto Zoo.

Players frustrated

At the Shark Club, a sports bar in Calgary, fans had a host of theories about what went wrong on Sunday night. So did the players, who post-game blamed themselves or credited the Argonauts for being the better team.

Quarterback Kevin Glenn said he is quite disappointed.


Dr. Clément Lanthier, the CEO of the Calgary Zoo, hoses down the penguin enclosure Monday. (CBC)

"Very frustrated when you can't get into a rhythm and then when you do make drives and only kick field goals. That’s not what we're about. You have to put touchdowns on the board and we didn't do it."

Offensive lineman Obby Khan has already retired once before, but returned to the CFL to play for Calgary. Now, he may hang up the pads again.

"There comes a time when everyone's got to move on and this might be it for me, so it's unfortunate. Ten years without a cup, but I got there three times."

Khan says he'll talk it over with his family before making a final decision.