A Red Deer mother whose son scored the winning goal in Thursday night's NHL playoff game between Boston and Montreal says she was so nervous she couldn't watch the game.

The Boston Bruins called up 23-year-old Matt Fraser to play against the Montreal Canadiens in Game 4. Fraser scored the game's only goal in overtime and for his parents, Maurey and Sharon Fraser, watching him on the ice was a moment they had always dreamed of.

"I had gone for a run during the start of the hockey game and we kind of have a thing — if the game is going good I often keep what I'm doing and I texted Maurey and said, 'Should I come home?' He said, 'No, keep running!'" said Sharon Fraser. "I have it all taped and I'm going to watch every minute of it."

Matt Fraser had been playing for the Bruin's farm team prior to being called up and had played hockey from a young age.

The sport has been a big part of the family for years — Sharon and Maurey say they are big fans and their daughter also played hockey for some time.

"It's very exciting, I don't know how anyone can describe that," said Maurey.

His mother says that even as a child, Matt's passion for hockey was clear.

He and friends would play in a backyard rink and pretend they were NHL superstars.

"They spent hours and hours out on that rink and every game there was a Stanley Cup game," said Sharon. 

"They had taped a bunch of bowls together with duct tape so it looked like the Stanley Cup and they played for that five times a week. Hockey was always what Matt wanted to do and if it wasn't on the ice it was in the basement or on the street. Didn't matter - he always had a stick in his hand."