The relocation of a massive house in southwest Calgary is drawing camera crews and many stares Wednesday.

The two-storey, 3,000 square-foot home is being put on a flatbed truck and transferred a few blocks from its original plot in Stanley Park.

The dramatic day is being filmed by the HGTV television show Massive Moves. 

Janet Griesdale owns two properties side by side -- her own house and the land being freed up by the moving home.

Griesdale said she sold the house so she could have more room for her grandchildren and gardening.

"We realized we didn't have space for the grandchildren," she said.

"We wanted some place to grow things and put more indigenous grasses and trees."

One neighbour says the move is over a homeowner dispute.

However, Griesdale said she didn’t want to comment on the topic.

"We were not welcomed and that’s all I’m going to say," Griesdale said.

Streets blocked off

Crews will be shutting down Mission Road from 34 Avenue SW and 1 Street SW for most of Wednesday afternoon.

The total cost of the move, to be paid by the new homeowners, is between $60,000 and $90,000. The majority of the costs will go to ENMAX for removing the power lines in the area.

Dwayne McCann, owner of McCann’s Building Movers, said he rarely gets requests to move a house this size only a few blocks.

"The size isn’t usual, it’s the fact that it’s in the city, going within the city," McCann said.

It will take about four hours to move the home.