Massive Fish Creek fire chars parts of grassy park

A major grass fire in south Fish Creek Provincial Park has been contained but is still burning.

Grass fire came close to homes in southeast community of Deer Run

A major grass fire in south Fish Creek Provincial Park has been contained. 2:28

A major grass fire in south Fish Creek Provincial Park scorched a large section of land after erupting Friday afternoon.

After the fire was contained, there was concern earlier Friday night that hot spots would flare up because of intense winds in the area.

The fire was close to people's homes in the southeast community of Deer Run, and stretched from the river banks to just outside people's backyards.

People in the provincial park were evacuated and though there were reports of residents dousing their homes with garden hoses, no one was evacuated from their home.

Earlier, fire spokesperson Carol Henke said it was in an area that's difficult to firefighters to reach.

The provincial department of Sustainable Resource Development sent three helicopters as back up. They were taking water from the river to douse the flames.

A witness in the area said he saw the whole thing. The man said a group of people were having a barbeque when wind picked up embers and a small fire started nearby.

It only took 20 minutes for the fire to char a large part of the park, said the witness.

Three helicopters were called in to help contain the fire that burned roughly a kilometre of land. (Alana Baker/CBC)

Fire bans

The City of Airdrie imposed a fire ban just after noon Friday. The city said it had two grass fires in the past 24 hours.

Fire bans are also in place for the southern Alberta communities of Redwood Meadows, Cochrane and Chestermere.

Details on those fire bans are available at

Twitter user Fiascher snapped this shot on her phone of a fire burning in the city's southeast. (Fiascher/Twitter )