Organizers of a fundraiser in Calgary for a native woman who was assaulted and burned in Saskatchewan hope the event will underline the violence suffered by many aboriginal women.

Marlene Bird

Marlene Bird remains in an Edmonton burn unit where she is recovering from the horrific assault that left her near death. (Submitted to CBC)

Marlene Bird, 47, is recovering from a vicious attack in Prince Albert, Sask., on June 1 that left her with burns so severe both her legs had to be amputated.

After she was found by another woman, Bird was transferred to the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, and then to a special burn unit of the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton, where she remains.

Cheyenne McGinnis, a University of Calgary student who help organize Friday's event, said she had to do something after hearing about Bird's tragedy.

"There's over 1,000 missing or murdered women in Canada," McGinnis told CBC News. "And just being a feminist myself, I just couldn't really just sit back and not help anyone, especially given that [Bird] has been so marginalized and victimized in her past life through residential schools and even just being on the streets."

The search for Bird's attacker continues.