Police are now calling a sudden death at a residential complex in northwest Calgary a homicide.

Officers responded to a 911 call just before 2 a.m. MT Wednesday in the 6400 block of Travois Place N.W. in Thorncliffe.


An apartment building in the northwest Calgary area of Thorncliffe is taped off while homicide police investigate a death. (Kyle Bakx/CBC)

One man was found dead, police said. Police say the man died from multiple stab wounds.

The building was sealed off while the homicide unit investigates.

Police took a man who was found in the area into custody. The victim's name has not been released as officials have not been able to contact the man's family yet.

The death is Calgary's seventh homicide this year.

2 evictions at building last week

The building manager's father, Herb Mortimer, says there were recent problems with tenants.

"Last week, there was two evictions because of stuff going on in there," he said.

"It took the police quite a while to get them out of there. They finally got them out of there, the next day they came down and kicked her door in, threatened to kill her and her husband."

Mortimer said his daughter has been terrified ever since and he suspects there was drug activity in the building.

"Too many people coming here at two or three in the morning," he said. 

"Then this morning — it's just too much.... But I don't think she'll be there after tomorrow, I'm taking her out of there."