Sarah Nicole Rae was found fatally stabbed in a northeast Calgary home in August 2008. ((Calgary Police Service))

A Calgary man convicted of stabbing his girlfriend and recording her last moments on his cellphone has received a life sentence.

Justice Peter McIntyre imposed the sentence on Tuesday, adding that Travis Martel will serve his time with no chance of parole for 12 years, according to media reports.

Martel, 36, was found guilty of second-degree murder for killing Sarah Nicole Rae, 24, on Aug. 3, 2008.

Martel, whose cellphone contained a recording of Rae's last moments, originally told police he had gone for a walk on the night of Rae's death and returned home to find her dead in his bed. He later insisted that the stabbing was an accident, triggered when she attacked him with a knife.

"He was conscious and committed to a culpable act. It was not an accident," McIntyre told a Calgary courtroom. "I do not believe any of his original statements about the knife or how it was used … He intended to kill Rae."

He called 911 at 4:59 a.m., saying his "wife" was dead in the bedroom with a large stab wound in her chest.

A deleted video file discovered on Martel's cellphone showed Rae lying on a bed as he slowly focused on the spreading red stab wound on her chest.

With heavy-metal music blaring in the background, a voice can be heard muttering from behind the camera of the Sony Ericsson flip phone.

"Good that I said I love you …This sucks. I'll be there soon with you, baby girl."

The court heard that Martel called Rae his "fiancée," but when a friend asked Rae about it the night before her death, she said she had four other boyfriends and was planning to dump Martel.