Police tape surrounds a bloody area inside Centre 2507, an overflow homeless shelter. ((CBC))

A 45-year-old man died overnight after police arrived at an overflow homeless shelter in Calgary's northwest to investigate a disturbance.

Officers were called to the Centre 2507 on Bowness Road N.W. shortly after midnight Thursday and found the man suffering from severe head injuries. He died three hours later in hospital.

Police are interviewing several witnesses, and say the incident was neither random nor gang-related. They are treating the case as a suspicious death.

Centre 2507 is an overflow shelter for the Calgary Drop-In Centre and houses a capacity of 125 men.

Dermot Baldwin, the drop-in centre's director, said staff told him the man who died had fallen and hit his head on the concrete floor.

"There was a confrontation between two clients," said Dermot Baldwin. "And I guess one just took a swing and that's what happened, and the accidental part is when the person fell."

Dottie Laithwaite, who lives in a seniors' housing complex next to the shelter, said she was opposed to the centre when it opened seven years ago.

"This is what I fought for years ago was that the people here were older ladies and were alone, and we were afraid that maybe something might happen," she told CBC News. "It didn't, thank God. But I am truly sorry to hear what has happened now. And wow, I'll sort of be watching."

Baldwin said he's concerned about the fallout from the case.

"I am very worried about how this affects our image and the people's trust in us. A large part of everything we do is based on community support and trust."