Calgary homicide detectives are releasing details of a horrific death in the city's northwest almost a year ago.

Ken Law, 28, was burned alive on Sept. 8, 2011.

Investigators say they are continuing to search for information nearly one year after police responded to a call of a collision in the northwest area, where they found a 2003 Gold Nissan Murano in flames.

Mount Pleasant, calgary

They say the attack was targeted and drug related.

Mount Pleasant residents found Law barely conscious outside his vehicle and extinguished the flames. Law died the next day in hospital.

Investigators say Law was bound inside the vehicle, and was alive when he was lit on fire.

"Based on forensic DNA analysis of the restraints used, along with information from witnesses, investigators believe the victim was with at least two other people for upwards of two hours prior to the fire," said Staff Sgt. Doug Andrus with the homicide unit.

"He was likely held at another location for a period of time."

Andrus says the violence involved in this case is extreme.

"To go to the extent to where somebody as we believe was doused with an accelerant in this investigation, it would indicate a level of anger that we only see rarely in homicide investigations."

Calgary police don't know where Law was held, and are asking anyone with information to contact Calgary Crime Stoppers.