Man beaten in remand needs help with medical bills

Denis Telyakov's sister wants government authorities to pay his medical bills after the 24-year-old was badly beaten at the Calgary Remand Centre.
Elena Romanova is seeking legal advice on how she can get the government to pay for her brother's care. (CBC)

A Russian woman wants government authorities to pay her brother's medical bills after he was badly beaten at the Calgary Remand Centre.

Denis Telyakov, 24, has severe head injuries and may never fully recover. His sister, Elena Romanova, came to Calgary as soon as she heard about her brother’s injuries in August.

"He lost his consciousness and they continued to beat him with a foot, with the legs. They jump[ed] on his head."

Telyakov is in the neurology unit at the Foothills hospital. His sister is getting legal advice about how she can get the government to pay for his care.

"It's the fault of this province. He is a victim of crime," she said.

Telyakov was in Calgary to study English. He was at the remand centre on a charge of uttering threats when two inmates attacked him. Alberta’s solicitor general paid the medical bills until the charges were stayed on Sept. 18.

The honorary consul for the Russian Federation in Alberta has sent letters asking for help to the prime minister, the premier, and other federal and provincial departments.

Yuriy Rogovik, the head of a Calgary Russian community group, said he believes this could happen to any visitor who doesn't speak English well.

"Immigrants or tourists can go into prison for not speaking English. But it's a problem, not only in Canada."

 The community group and others are trying to raise money for Telyakov and his family.