Man accused of killing ex-fiancé at risk of harming himself

The man charged in connection to the death of Lacey Jones Mcknight has been given a mental health certification because he is at risk of harming himself, according to his lawyer.

Kristopher Guenther to undergo mental health tests

The man accused in the death of Lacey Jones Mcknight is in court. 1:05

The man charged in connection to the death of 20-year-old Lacey Jones Mcknight is now going through a psychiatric assessment.

Kristopher Guenther, 29, was charged with second-degree murder after police found his ex-fiancé dead in a car on Oct. 25.

On a nearby overpass, police say they found Guenther trying to hang himself.

On Wednesday, Guenther made his first court appearance in Calgary.

His lawyer asked for the case to be put over to Nov. 26 as he gathers information on the case from the crown.

Doctors have given Guenther a mental health certification.

His lawyer, Mark Takada, says that's because he is at risk of harming himself.

"Well, the certification was something that took place outside of court," Takada said.

"It occurred a couple of days ago. I understand two psychiatrists at the Foothills hospital observed Mr. Guenther and certified him under the provisions of the mental health act. So he is certified up to the next 30 days at the present time."

But Takada believes Guenther will be found fit to stand trial.

In the meantime, Guenther will undergo mental health tests at the Southern Alberta Forensic Psychiatric Centre.