Man accused of killing Calgary teacher appears in court

The suspect in the fatal stabbing of a Calgary teacher made his first court appearance Wednesday. His lawyer says he needs more information before a bail hearing can be held.

Nicholas Rasberry will remain in custody until bail hearing

The scene of the fatal stabbing in southeast Calgary last weekend. (Meghan Grant/CBC)

The suspect in the weekend murder of a popular Calgary teacher will remain in custody until a bail hearing.

Nicholas Rasberry, 30, made his first court appearance Wednesday morning. He is facing a charge of second-degree murder.

"It's tough on a guy like that, it's tough on most people," said his lawyer Alain Hepner. 

"He has no history and he isn't known to police at all. He was a professional engineer working in the oil industry."

Hepner says he is not sure when the bail hearing will happen. He says he needs more information.

"In these cases it takes a while to get all the documentation and all the information. But I have to go into a bail hearing from a position of knowledge, not just flailing away on supposition," said Hepner.

"I'm sure there's a strange backstory. I'm just getting as much information as possible so I can put the whole puzzle together."

Rasberry is accused of stabbing Craig Kelloway.

Originally from Cape Breton, N.S., Kelloway had been working in Calgary for six years. He was a science and math teacher at David Thompson Middle School.

Kelloway and Rasberry were neighbours, who had met for the first time earlier in the day.

Investigators believe they went to Rasberry's residence later in the evening where an altercation took place between the two.

Rasberry was arrested by police at the scene of the crime.