Calgary at a Crossroads

Yep. Petula Clark had it spot on:

"When you're alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go downtown."

Downtown, or really any "main street" in Calgary is where we can always go — to hang out with friends, grab a bite to eat or just bask in our local community.

City hall says we have at least 24 main streets in the city, and it's studying why people gravitate to some streets more than others.

CBC Radio is checking out of bunch of these hubs over the next few weeks. 

This week, The Homestretch spoke with Ellen Parker of the Kensington BRZ

Have a listen to how Parker, a Sunnyside local, describes her neighbourhood, how it's changed over the years, and how she thinks it's going to continue to evolve.

Kensington Road and 10th Street N.W.

With more than 250 unique shops, restaurants and services, it's not hard to spend a day, a night, or an entire weekend in Kensington. (Neil Zeller)

Calgary at a Crossroads is CBC Calgary's special focus on life in our city during the downturn. A look at Calgary's culture, identity and what it means to be Calgarian. Read more stories from the series at Calgary at a Crossroads.