Calgary at a Crossroads

Main Street. The heart of the community. 

Every town and city has one, and some neighbourhoods do too. Calgary has many — 24, according to city hall

Quibble about the locations if you will, but main streets matter.

They are places to drink coffee with friends, to grab a bite to eat, to pick up a new jacket or just hang out. They are a testament to our character and our culture.

Over the next few weeks, CBC Radio's The Homestretch will be checking out several of Calgary's main streets to find out what makes them the hubs of community.   

This week we started on Fourth Street S.W. in the Mission district. 

The CBC's Doug Dirks talked to Fracisco Alaniz Uribe — a professor at the Urban Lab at the University of Calgary

Take a listen to their conversation.

Calgary at a Crossroads is CBC Calgary's special focus on life in our city during the downturn. A look at Calgary's culture, identity and what it means to be Calgarian. Read more stories from the series at Calgary at a Crossroads.