Mack the dog receives life-saving award from Calgary police

A black lab named Mack is the first dog in Calgary to receive a life-saving award from police.

Gord Dawson says he is truly proud of his 4-legged friend

Mack, a black lab, was honoured tonight for saving a woman's life in July 2012. 2:12

A black lab is the first dog in Calgary to receive a life-saving award from police.

Mack came across a young woman attempting to take her life near the Bow River in July 2012. It was pouring rain, but Mack found her. 

The dog alerted his owners who ran and called for help while Mack stayed with the woman. Emergency services soon arrived and saved her life. 

Gord Dawson says he is truly proud of his four-legged friend.

"In my mind, the hero is really Mack — and the Calgary Police Service," he said.

"Police showed up within a few moments of being called. Without that, things would have been quite a bit more tragic." 

Mack and Dawson were honoured Friday night with an Animal Hero Award of Exceptional Recognition, which is an embossed blue collar with a gold medallion.

The award was made available through a collaboration between the Calgary Police Service, Animal and Bylaw Services and the Humane Society.

Mack sits with his owners Michelle and Gord Dawson. (Courtesy Emma Poole/Calgary Police Service)


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