One of the leadership candidates for the Alberta Progressive Conservatives says the party’s brand has taken a beating thanks to Alison Redford.

A CBC News investigation revealed this week that not all the travel expenses of the former premier were properly accounted for.

New documents obtained through the freedom of information act show a government employee claimed hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel expenses on scouting missions in advance of Redford’s official trips.

Now Tory leadership hopeful Thomas Lukaszuk says if he was Redford, he would "seriously consider" resigning as an MLA.

"It simply is not acceptable,” he said.

“It just continues to distract us from some of the work that is being done in the province and from issues that we should be focusing on. I imagine it's by this point in time it's tiresome to all Albertans and frankly we are no longer surprised by any new developments.”

Ric McIver, another Tory leadership candidate, was also critical of his ex-boss.

“This issue is about setting the tone from the top. These types of expenses are unacceptable,” he said in a written statement.

Mount Royal University political scientist Duane Bratt says the candidates are doing some political maneuvering.

“It's because they have to distance themselves,” he said.

“The question I would ask Thomas Lukazsuk, and Ric McIver is, you were sitting around the cabinet table. Either A, you approved of all of this, or B, you weren't scrutinizing the premier's own behaviour."