Calgarians with loud vehicles will now face fines if they cross the city’s Noise Snare – a device used to measure the loudness of cars, trucks and motorcycles.

The city launched the Snare back on June 20.

Since then, 146 people reported loud vehicles to the city’s 311 line while one person was subject to a warning.

The warning period ends Tuesday, and from then on violators will be fined $270 under the city’s new traffic bylaw.

"Ultimately, we are looking for compliance," said Bill Bruce, Director, Animal & Bylaw Services.

"Calgary motorists have had ample time now to adjust their vehicles or their driving behaviour to fall under the excessive vehicle noise provision of the Calgary Traffic Bylaw."

Any vehicle registering more than 96 decibels is subject to a fine.

The city says a truck registered 101.2 decibels on a pass by the Noise Snare last week, while several vehicles came close including one sports car registering 95.4 decibels, and other motorcycles scoring 95.1 decibels and 94.5 decibels.

"We knew going into this that only about two per cent of the vehicles on Calgary streets might be in violation of the bylaw, but this is a matter of the public’s sense of safety and security and community standards around tolerance to noise," said Bruce.

Several loud vehicles found at open house

The city held two open houses in May where drivers could bring their vehicle in for a noise test.

A total of 47 percent of the 269 vehicles registered over 96 decibels.

Bruce said the city will try to target loud vehicles where they are most prevalent.

"We know there are violators out there," Bruce said.  "We continue to receive complaints about vehicle noise on a regular basis. So we will continue to deploy the Noise Snare in areas of the city where we believe the loudest vehicles are likely to be."