Alberta lottery tickets children

This poster is part of a campaign discouraging parents from buying lottery tickets for children at Christmas. (AGLC)

Scratch-and-win lottery tickets shouldn’t be going into children’s Christmas stockings, an Alberta agency is warning parents.

Research has shown nearly one-fifth of parents in the province have given their child a lottery ticket as a holiday or birthday gift, according to the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC).

The agency launched a holiday-themed awareness campaign this week in hopes of changing parental attitudes. 

“Gambling at an earlier age is also a risk factor associated with problem gambling later in life,” according to a press release by the AGLC.

Lottery retailers in Alberta are not allowed to sell to minors.

It is not illegal for an adult to give a lottery ticket to a minor, but AGLC says there is no guarantee the prize can be claimed. If it is, it may be held in a trust until the youth turns 18 years of age.