A recent rash of car prowlings in south Calgary has police reminding commuters to lock their vehicles and remove or hide their valuables.

Police officers, along with Calgary Transit and bylaw enforcement officers, were at the Somerset-Bridlewood LRT station on Wednesday leaving yellow placards saying "All Valuables Removed" on many vehicles in the lot. 


Police are reminding motorists to lock their parked vehicles and remove or hide valuable items. (CBC)

Drivers who leave doors unlocked are simply inviting trouble, said Insp. Ken Thrower.

There have been more than 135 thefts from vehicles in south Calgary since January. Of those, 68 per cent involved unlocked vehicle doors, officials said.

"It really makes it easy and almost tempting for someone to break in. As we look around here we’ve seen a wallet on the dash. We've seen car keys. We've seen money," he said.

Most car prowlings are crimes of opportunity, police said.

One of the worst things to leave in a car is a garage door opener, Thrower said. Once thieves have the opener — along with insurance information including the driver's address — they can break into a home while the owner is at work.