Some Calgary conservatives got together Wednesday night to launch what they call the Let's Get Alberta Working group. They say they are non-partisan and are not affiliated with other conservative organizations and they hope to help Alberta find its voice.

Around 200 people gathered at the Bowness community centre to share their ideas on how to get Alberta on the road to prosperity once again.

Although jobs were a part of the discussion, so were health care, education, and the economy.

While many in the crowd had connections to the Progressive Conservative party, organizers aren't calling this group a political movement.

There were no calls for uniting the right or a "kudatah."

Emma May, a former Jim Prentice staffer and one of five speakers at the meeting, says this discussion is long overdue.

Emma May

Emma May says the conversation is overdue. (CBC)

"So I'm not really sure why that conversation didn't happen, probably because there's years of entrenchment and you don't make changes you need to make," May tells CBC News.

"Another thing is, when the money is flowing, people didn't take risks, and Albertans are risk takers."

Faizal Somji runs a northeast Calgary garage.

Faizal Somji

Faizal Somji owns a mechanic shop. He says the province should focus on community building and entrepreneurial spirit. (CBC)

He says Albertans have been too reliant on big businesses.

"Community building and entrepreneurial spirit is something that we're kind of missing right now, and we are just focused on trying to get by instead of building for the future."

Somji hopes to attend more meetings like this.

The group plans to hit other cities in the province to hear what Albertans want their future to look like.

Let's Get Alberta Working group

The meeting attracted about 200 people. (CBC)

"My hope is that incredibly talented Albertans in every jurisdiction in this province, actually stand up, especially the young generation, and say, 'This is my Alberta, this is what I want it to be,' and get engaged in political dialogue," May said.