Lethbridge man pleads guilty to faking abduction

A southern Alberta man has pleaded guilty to public mischief for faking his own abduction earlier this year.

Matthew Robillard faces prison sentence for public mischief that sparked massive search

A southern Alberta man has pleaded guilty to public mischief for faking his own abduction.

In a Lethbridge courtroom on Monday, Matthew Robillard has admitted, through his lawyer, that he staged his own kidnapping earlier in the year.

Matthew Robillard admitted he faked his abduction earlier this year. (Facebook)

Robillard, 25, left his Lethbridge home to go to work in Picture Butte on Jan. 31.

He never arrived and his abandoned car was found in a northeast Calgary industrial area, sparking a huge search across southern Alberta.

He was later found in a Calgary hotel. Police said Robillard had beaten himself up and smashed the windows out of his vehicle to make it look like he had been kidnapped.

Police said Robillard's actions were motivated by a significant financial loss that took place before his disappearance.

The investigation cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Robillard is set to be sentenced June 27. The maximum penalty for public mischief is five years in prison.