It was a huge moment for the goalie — for the team, for the city and for Dustin Forbes.

Late in a game against the Medicine Hat Tigers on Friday night, Lethbridge Hurricanes goalie Stuart Skinner flipped the puck from behind his goal line towards an empty net.

Behind the microphone, calling the game, was Forbes. In his excitement over the unbelievable play, his voice cracked to soprano levels.

"I say 'rolling, rolling,' because the puck got into the opposition zone and it started to go on edge and wobble a little bit and it started to drift to the right — in my head I was going, 'this isn't going to go in,'" Forbes recalled.

"And it just, maybe by an inch, got inside the post and into the net and mayhem struck, and myself and maybe 5,500 people in the building started jumping up and down screaming our heads off."

"It's just one of those plays you can never forget as a play-by-play guy," he added.

And the rest of the world isn't likely to forget it either. Video clips of Forbes' call of Skinner's goal has gone viral, with everyone from Jimmy Fallon to a news station in Australia picking it up. 

"Once in a while, when an exciting play happens, the voice will crack a little bit," Forbes said laughing. "But never that high."

"I knew I'd get a hard time from my colour guy and family and friends and people in Lethbridge that would have been listening, but to imagine that it would get on Jimmy Fallon or down in Australia or on TSN ... not in my wildest dreams did I think that anything like that would happen," he said. 

"It was pure excitement. It was pure emotion. It was pure passion," Forbes said. "If I could have a do-over, I'd probably try and take it."

Forbes has a few days to rest his voice before he's back to work. The Hurricanes play their first game of the Western Hockey League playoffs on Friday night in Lethbridge against the Regina Pats.

  • LISTEN HERE to Forbes explain the call: