Lethbridge County

The bridges in Lethbridge County are falling apart, and a county official has laid the blame squarely with the provincial government.

"Basically they've just about reached their life expectancy," Reeve Lorne Hickey said of the spans, on two-lane gravel roads that are as much as 50 years old.

"We have five [bridges] that currently have restrictions for deficiencies on them," he said, adding heavy trucks should avoid the spans."There are weight restrictions and two have been reduced to single-lane traffic."

Because the province is not spending enough on bridge repair, Hickey said, the county must consider raising local taxes to either repair the spans or knock them down.

He said earlier provincial estimate put the cost of repairing the bridges at $250,000 apiece.

If demolition is chosen, Hickey said, "people are going to have to travel quite a ways out of their way. But one way or another we can't have people travelling across structures that are unsafe.

"So we'll have to look at one of those solutions."