Lethbridge city council is encouraging residents to speak out against a proposal to drill for oil within city limits.

A company has the mineral rights to the land in southwest Lethbridge, and the city has no legal clout to stop the energy project. 

The company is planning an open house next month to let the community know about the project. 

The city posted a news release on their website in a bid to stir up enough public opposition to the proposed drilling that it cannot go ahead.

Coun. Jeffrey Coffman said neighbourhoods continue to grow nearby.

“We are firmly against this type of activity within our municipality. We have been in contact with the provincial government as well expressing our displeasure with this type of activity within the municipality,” he said.

“The only other thing we can do is ask residents to express their concerns about it as well.”

Lethbridge council posted a letter on its website arguing the project would use up land that could be otherwise developed and would create extra costs for the city.