A fatality report released Tuesday said the officers that killed a man in 2009 were left with no option but to use lethal force in the police shooting at a Calgary car wash. 

Travis Oakes, 33, was shot by police as he tried to ram his way out of a Calgary car wash.

Undercover officers, who had been tailing Oakes for about six hours, determined he was driving a stolen car and followed him to the car wash. Police blocked the entrance and exit with their vehicles.

When two officers tried to arrest Oakes, who was standing near the stolen vehicle, he got back in and repeatedly tried to drive his vehicle through the closed doors of the car wash bay.

After the police cars were rammed for the fourth time, a veteran officer who is also a firearms instructor, fired at the windshield, striking Oakes three times. He died from his injuries.

Provincial Court Judge S.L. Van de Veen said there are no recommendations to prevent similar deaths from occurring in the future.

"Not only was there concern for the officers themselves and their safety, but there was concern for public safety in the event Mr. Oakes was permitted to escape," he wrote in his report.

An Alberta Serious Incident Response Team investigation also concluded no criminal charges were warranted in the shooting. The task force investigates all deaths and serious injuries involving police.