A lawsuit has been launched in connection to a toddler who fell from a Calgary apartment building two years ago.

The fall left the young girl with permanent injuries. 

Christina Zhang was two-years-old when she fell five storeys from a window at an apartment building where she lived with her family in April 2012.


Shyelle Welker, who lived in the building at the time the accident happened, shows the type of window the girl fell from. (CBC)

The statement of claim says the girl suffered many injuries in the fall, including a skull fracture and a severe traumatic brain injury.

The claim alleges windows were not properly installed in the building and did not meet provincial building and safety codes, including a locking mechanism that would prevent the windows from opening the whole way.

The owner of the building, the condo corporation and Greg Martineau Projects — the company contracted to put in the windows — are all named as defendants. 

The family is asking for $21.4 million for Zhang, who is now 4. 

That amount includes damages for pain and suffering and cost of her future care. 

The allegations have not been proven in court.