A Calgary lawn maintenance company is being criticized for the way it has been treating customers.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has received 146 complaints against Dr. Green in the past year.


Bill Pollock says Dr. Green fertilized his lawn and billed him for it even though he declined the company's services. (CBC)

"They made an unsolicited call to me in March of this year wondering if I'd be interested in their lawn services. The key aspects were a free aeration and power raking of the lawn plus fertilization services. At that time I said I would consider it,” said Bill Pollock.

Pollock said he didn't agree to anything but came home one day to find the work already done and a bill for $57.

"They do things you don't agree to and they work you over for payment,” Pollock said.

He threw the invoice out, but claimed the company soon called looking for money.

“They were phoning about every second day looking for payment then they started threatening me with collection agencies, then they started sending emails, showing the bill plus interest.”

Company denies improper billing

Company spokesman Gregory Novak said Dr. Green does not engage in improper billing practices.


The Better Business Bureau has received 146 complaints against Calgary lawn maintenance company Dr. Green. (CBC)

Most of the cases looked at by the BBB were resolved after the company was able to prove customers did agree to have the work done.

But bureau spokeswoman Sandra Crozier-McKee said there is still clearly a problem given the number of complaints.

The consumer website Yelp also has several negative reviews.

"Perhaps we can recommend some ways they can improve their contract negotiations,” she said.

Novak said the company will work with the bureau to resolve several disputes still outstanding.

"It's not in our interest to go to somebody's house and service their properties if they don't want the service and then obviously to have a problem later, that doesn't work for us either," he said.