Law applies to Facebook threats, says justice minister

Police have arrested one man after he allegedly posted threats online about wanting to commit a school shooting in Red Deer.

Accused cannot be named under Youth Criminal Justice Act

RCMP in Red Deer arrested one youth Thursday after he allegedly posted on Facebook about wanting to commit a school shooting at a Red Deer high school.

Police say they were contacted by Calgary authorities who spotted someone on the social networking site posting threats.

The individual, who was known to police, was arrested and has been charged with uttering threats, breach of probation and possession of a controlled substance.

His name is not being released because he is a youth.

Alberta's justice minister, Jonathan Denis, declined to comment on the matter because it is before the courts.

However, he did say that people should be careful about what they post on any social media platform.

"The laws regarding threats or intimidation, any criminal activity of course, that still applies on Facebook," Denis says. "It doesn't matter what age you may be, the same basic rules should apply on Facebook."

"You're also responsible for you own actions."