Lorna Robinson will be able to walk with her daughter, a cancer survivor, in the Weekend to End Women's Cancers afterall. (CBC)

The top fundraiser for an upcoming two-day walk says the decision to relocate the event to Calgary means she won't participate in the future.

Organizers have decided Alberta's Weekend to End Women's Cancers, a two-day walk that starts on July 23, will only be held in Calgary. The event used to be held in Edmonton too.

Michelle Rouble, who lives in Edmonton, said it is too expensive for friends and family who come to cheer her on, so this will be the last time Rouble will participate.

Rouble raised $26,000 for this walk, bringing her total over the six years she has walked to $55,000.

"I don't know why they can't do it one year in Calgary, one year in Edmonton, because then of course I'd be walking every year."

Cheaper to hold in one Alberta city

Lee Elliott, a spokeswoman for the Alberta Cancer Foundation, says it was a difficult decision, but it's too expensive to hold weekend walks in two cities. She says she is sorry to hear that some people plan to quit.

"It was such a hard decision for us. But we do have lots of participants coming not just from Edmonton, but from everywhere in the province. They really are from every corner of the province for this event."

Elliott says historically the walk attracts more people in Calgary and that's partly why it was chosen as host.

Flying to Calgary makes no difference for Angela Philips, a breast cancer survivor from Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, who was treated in Edmonton.

"Because I do have to travel a distance anyway it really was no more travelling to get to Calgary than it would be to get to Edmonton."

Philips is in the top ten fundraisers this year, having collected $13,000.

Airdrie mom can enter walk afterall

Meanwhile, an Airdrie woman who told CBC News that the minimum fundraising amount required to participate in the walk is too steep, has since been able to raise the money and will be walking with her daughter, who is a cancer survivor.

Lorna Robinson has raised $4,635, with her credit card company donating $2,000.

The required fundraising amount to walk for two days is $2,000, while one-day walkers have to raise $1,250. All money goes to the Alberta Cancer Foundation.