Today is your last chance to roll up your sleeve and get a flu shot at the province’s public clinics.

The temporary public flu clinics are closing at 5 p.m. MT Saturday for the season.

After today, Calgarians will have to go to a doctor, a pharmacist or other local clinic to get a flu shot.

Alberta Health Services Medical Officer of Health Dr. Judy MacDoanld says the flu has hit Calgary.

"We always expect to see cases — we always expect to see outbreaks," MacDonald said. "If people have been waiting to get influenza vaccine, they shouldn't be waiting any longer because influenza is here."

She also says people should act quick if they get the flu.

"You should stay home from school, stay home from work — don't spread it around to others and certainly at this time of year, don't go an visit with others, especially in hopsitals or long term care because you don't want them to get sick as well," MacDonald said. "To keep yourself healthy as well — washing your hands frequently, keeping them away from your face."

MacDonald adds the number of people choosing to get their flu shots at pharmacies is increasing since it became an option three years ago.

Flu season typically runs until April.