Calgary's Langevin Bridge will turn green Saturday night to raise awareness for Lyme disease.

The first World Lyme Disease Day was held on May 11th and landmarks across Canada have been joining in on the awareness efforts by turning on green lights. The CN Tower went green last Saturday and Niagara Falls will go green next Friday.

Langevin Bridge will be lit from dusk to midnight and organizers say they are hoping it will get people talking about the largely-unknown disease.

The Public Health Agency began monitoring Lyme disease in 2010 as studies showed increased prevalance of it in Canada.

Up until the last several years, the ticks that carry Lyme disease were not populous in Canada.

The Green Party of Canada has suggested that as temperatures rise, those infected ticks are travelling farther north.

In the U.S., the number of those diagnosed each year can range between 2,000 to 20,000.

What are the symptoms?

Lyme disease can be difficult to diagnose and if not caught early, can lead to severe neurological symptoms.

The disease is often recognized by a rash at the bite site but the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation says over 50 per cent of people report having no rash of any kind.

Symptoms can range from flu-like symptoms such as swollen glands, fever and joint aches to facial paralysis, memory loss, and oversensitivity to light.

The psychological symptoms can also mimic mental illnesses like depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety.