Questions are swirling about what a new Tsuu T'ina chief might mean for a major southwest ring road.

The nation elected Roy Whitney as chief on Monday.

Lakeview is the community next to Tsuu T’ina.

Community association president Amy Lonsberry says she's just hoping a new leader won't slow negotiations.

"Hopefully in the next while, we can make some good progress," Lonsberry said.

Tsuu T’tina elder Bruce Starlight says that isn't the case in the community.

"Ring road was not the major issue," Starlight said, adding any decision about the ring road will be up to the people.

Roy Whitney was not available for an interview.

Whitney was chief for 16 years before he stepped down in 2001.

He was known as an industrious businessman who brought prosperity to the reserve.

The reserve has been talking with the province about allowing the southwest portion of Calgary's ring road to be built on reserve land.

Last year, residents on the reserve voted 68 per cent in favour of seeking a new agreement with the provincial government.

Alberta Transportation Minister Ric McIver hopes those talks continue under the new chief.

"Sooner's better than later," McIver said. "It's not as simple as that. We got to give the chief and council time to get settled in."