L.A. Kings' Stanley Cup run benefits Alberta

The L.A. Kings are leading the Anaheim Ducks in their second round series — and our province is reaping the benefits, says Travel Alberta.

Travel Alberta and the comeback team have a 2-year partnership

The Los Angeles Kings just pulled off a historic four game Stanley Cup playoffs comeback to knock off the San Jose Sharks on Monday night. 2:14

The Los Angeles Kings just pulled off a historic four game Stanley Cup playoffs comeback to knock off the San Jose Sharks on Monday night.

Now they're leading the Anaheim Ducks 2–0 in their second round series —​ and our province is reaping the benefits, says Travel Alberta.

"We've got a great love affair going on with the Kings," says Royce Chwin, chief marketing officer for Travel Alberta.

"They love how active we are down there in promoting the destination."

The Los Angeles Kings won their last four games against the San Jose Sharks to advance to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. (The Canadian Press)

Two years ago the provincial government signed a partnership with the L.A. Kings. The partnership includes social media advertisements, rink signage and video messages during the games.

"We spend somewhere around $560,000 on the Kings partnership. It gives us about $3.5 million back in immediate value," says Chwin.

'Quite a clever promotion'

According to Travel Alberta, 17 per cent of American travel comes from southern California. 

Debi Andrus, a marketing professor at the University of Calgary, was first skeptical of the supposed success. That changed when she took a closer look at the partnership. 

"When you actually scratch the surface and see the connections that they've tried to make it's actually quite a clever promotion," says Andrus.

The campaign has been so successful, Travel Alberta is now hearing from the NFL, MLB and NBA about signing partnerships. But for now, the focus remains on the Kings.

"The longer they can stay in the playoff light, the more exposure Alberta gets."

The Kings play Game 3 of their series Thursday night against the Anaheim Ducks at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The more than 18,000 fans going to the game will get a rally towel with the Travel Alberta logo on it.  


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