Regina RCMP seized about 300 fake hairstyling irons last week. ((RCMP))

Counterfeit ceramic hairstyling irons sold in Calgary may cause a fire or cause serious injury to anyone using them, RCMP warned.

RCMP officers in Calgary have seized two knockoff CHI ceramic hairstyling irons, but they believe up to 600 of the counterfeit products have been sold at financial institutes, smaller hair salons and insurance outlets in the city and across southern Alberta.

Last week, RCMP in Regina seized 300 counterfeit fake CHI irons in pink and black boxes. Employees at a school there got suspicious of the low selling price and called police, who arrested a 23-year-old man from Medicine Hat, Alta.

The accused in that seizure is also suspected in the Calgary scam, said police on Wednesday.

The high-end irons from a legitimate distributor sell for about $150. The counterfeit products were being sold for as low as $34.95 in Calgary and between $59.95 and $64.95 in Regina.

The knockoffs don't have Canadian safety standards approval and can be a potential fire hazard, or could fail and seriously hurt someone, said police.

The two irons seized in Calgary were the CHI Pink Dazzle Limited Edition Flat Iron, which is red and comes in a pink cardboard box, as well as the CHI, which is black, and comes in a predominantly black cardboard box.