It's a sad day for those who love eating shaved meat with sweet sauce in the mountains, but there's light at the end of the dark, dark tunnel.

King of Donair, the Halifax institution that drew long lines for its Calgary pop-up on Friday, posted on Facebook that its planned event at Sunshine Village on Saturday has been cancelled. 

Nicholas Nahas, one of the owners of the donair shop, says he's not totally clear on why the event had to be cancelled or who he was speaking to from Banff amidst the chaos of Friday's crowds. 

"I received a phone call and a lot of music going on, a lot of people talking, it was very busy," said Nahas. "Basically someone said, he was very ambiguous as to why we weren't allowed to go… but he said we just can't have you guys set up. "

Nahas said it was something to do with concerns over crowd control after some people in Calgary stood in line for up to five hours.

He said he'll be asking for clarification on why the event wasn't allowed to proceed, but points out the cancellation did allow them to sell more donairs in Calgary and raise more money for the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation â€” $4,901.65 in total.

"We were beyond happy with the amount of people that came out. A lot of east coasters, a lot of familiar faces and a lot of first timers, or virgins as we like to call them," said Nahas. "We were so pleased with the crowd and we're going to be coming back for a much longer stay the next time."

So does that mean King of Donair will be planting permanent roots in Calgary? 

"Yeah, I think so," said Nahas.

"We're going to drive around, look at a few places of interest in Calgary and take it from there."

King of Donair

Iconic Halifax chain King of Donair is looking for space to set up a permanent shop in Calgary. (King of Donair)