Reid Kimmett says a charity hockey tournament and fundraiser in Cochrane this weekend in memory of his sister Lindsay, will defy Alberta's economic woes and break the six-digit mark.

"This year it is tough to pin down with the economy being what it is, we had lower expectations," Kimmett explained.

"That said, so far online we have raised more than we ever had before … by all indications it looks like we will raise well over $100,000 this year."

Reid Kimmett

Reid Kimmett says the fundraiser established for his sister Lindsay Kimmett 8 years ago grows year after year. (CBC)

His sister, Lindsay Kimmett, was killed in an automobile accident in 2008.

She was a promising medical student at the University of Calgary.

Two fellow students decided to do something to honour the young hockey enthusiast and the Kimmett Cup was born.

"The first year I came, I thought, this feels like my sister, I need to be involved. I have been a part of it ever since," Kimmett explained.

This year there are 53 registered teams, that's up from 20 the first year.

"The first year, it was an idea. We didn't really know if anyone was going to show up … [but] the community got behind the event just like they got behind our family after the accident," he said.

Kimmett says teams now come from as far as Prince Edward Island and pretty much every province in between.

The funds go to the Children's Wish Foundation and a local charity.

"I think it has been a big part of how our family has healed from what happened," Kimmett said.

"And it means the world to me that her legacy lives on and lives on through this event."