Kilt banned from high school convocation

An Alberta high school student has been told he can't wear a kilt to convocation.
Officials have told Hamish Jacobs he can't wear a kilt to his high school graduation ceremonies. ((Facebook))

An Alberta high school student has been told he can't wear a kilt to convocation.

"I would like to wear my kilt to the grad ceremonies," said 19-year-old Hamish Jacobs, who is of Scottish descent.

But administrators at Raymond High School have told Jacobs that wearing a kilt would be a violation of the school's dress code.

Though school officials refused to comment on why the no-kilt dress code was created, a community resident said a previous graduate wore nothing under his kilt and exposed himself during the ceremony.

"He had a kilt on and he was inappropriately flashing himself."

Jacobs said he tried to convince school officials that he wasn't planning a similar stunt.

"I told them I would wear something underneath just for respect for the school, but they said 'nope,' I can't wear it," said Jacobs.

A Facebook group set up in support of Jacobs, called Hamish Jacobs Graduates, has attracted 1,156 members.

Raymond residents are divided over Hamish Jacobs's bid to wear his kilt to convocation. ((Facebook))

While the group was set up to support Jacobs's bid to wear his kilt to convocation, it's also open to comments siding with the school.

"It's important to have rules in a school," a Raymond resident, who agrees with the school's kilt prohibition, told CBC News. "You have to say, 'This is the line and you can't go past it.'"

Jacobs said he will accept his diploma even if he can't wear his kilt.

"I just want to go up, get my diploma, shake a couple of hands and walk across the stage," he said.

The graduation ceremony at Raymond High School will be held in June.

Raymond is located about 246 kilometres southwest of Calgary.