For parents of young children, knowing which restaurants are truly family friendly can be hard to figure out.

Many parents have faced the awkward predicament of arriving at a restaurant that billed itself as child-friendly only to discover it doesn't have a high chair or change tables in the washroom.

It's these mixed messages that have some giving up on dining out all together.

Now some critics are arguing the industry should be doing more to accommodate family diners.

Suzy Trottier, who has a two year old and another child on the way, picks restaurants she knows will have what she needs.

"When we do go out, which is hardly ever, we do family-specific restaurants," she said.

Trottier looks for things such as a kid-friendly menu, crayons, change tables in the washrooms and high chairs.

Chianti Cafe in northwest Calgary offers those things.

"You're public domain so you want to be able to accommodate anyone and not alienate any potential clientele," said general manager Shane Ryan.

Ryan said he believes every restaurant that allows minors should be required to have at least one high chair.

"If kids are going to be here, you know, they need high chairs, you can't just fumble them onto a table or to a regular chair and just hope for the best. I mean definitely there's a danger issue there," he said.

Suzy Trottier agrees.

"It would be nice so that they're not sitting on your lap," she said.

But as it stands, neither the city nor the province has plans to make such things mandatory.