The Calgary Humane Society is asking people to hold off on dropping off pets because space has been at a premium ever since 34 pit bull terriers were brought into the shelter.

The dogs were found dehydrated and uncared for in a northeast home last week, and taken to the humane society in what officials called one of the biggest dog seizures in Calgary.

As a result, the kennels are at capacity, said the society's Desiree Arsenault.

"We are an organization that will never turn away an animal, but at this point we are asking Calgarians if they are looking at surrendering their pet, if they could hold off just a little while longer."

Arsenault says it still hasn't been determined whether the pit bulls will be returned to their owner.

Julie Felber of the Animal Rescue Foundation hopes that never happens. Alberta needs stricter laws regarding dog ownership, she said.

"If in the first place you let that happen, as far as I'm concerned, that person should never be allowed to own another animal," she said.

Under Alberta law, pet owners can have as many animals in their residence as they want, as long as they are all cared for. Because many of the pit bull terriers were pregnant, officials said they suspect it was a substandard breeding operation in the residence.