U.S. president-elect Donald Trump's campaign manager has cancelled her Calgary appearance just days before she was scheduled to speak at the Palliser Hotel. 

Kellyanne Conway, who also planned to tour the oilsands area around Fort McMurray, Alta., was invited to Calgary by the Alberta Prosperity Fund, a conservative advocacy organization that has been vocal in its support of a united right-wing movement in Alberta. 

The speech, scheduled for Jan. 12, was to be a fundraising dinner for the organization. 

'Just not possible at this time'

"I can tell you that Ms. Conway's office and our own have tried every option at our disposal to make this work and, unfortunately, a visit is just not possible at this time," said Barry McNamar, president and founder of the Alberta Prosperity Fund in a press release. 

The group said the event sold out within days and that it "has not been rescheduled at this time."

Those with tickets will receive a full refund. 

The cancellation comes a day after a grassroots group had begun organizing a protest in opposition to her arrival.

Peter Dormaar created the event, which was to be held outside the Palliser Hotel, where the dinner was scheduled. He said within a day, about 25 people had RSVP'd to attend.

Dormaar says he doesn't think Albertans should support Conway because of Trump's social politics.

CBC News has asked the Alberta Prosperity Fund for comment, but has not yet received a response. 

With files from Kate Adach