Keep an eye out for motorcyclists, police warn

Calgary police are reminding all drivers to slow down and be more mindful of who is around them on the road as warm weather brings motorcyclists out of hibernation.

There were 232 motorcycle collisions in Calgary last year

Police are reminding all drivers to slow down and be aware of motorcyle drivers as spring weather brings them out to the roads. (CBC)

Spring is a time when all sorts of creatures come out of hibernation.

With warm weather here to stay, police are asking all drivers to keep an eye out as one breed of driver returns to Calgary's busy streets — motorcyclists.

Last year, there were 232 motorcycle collisions in Calgary. About 140 of those resulted in serious injuries and three resulted in fatalities. For one local motorcycle instructor, the key to avoiding accidents is being aware of what's around her.

"I tend to feel that motorcycle riders are more safety-conscious then car drivers," says Diane Wild, who has been teaching motorcycle drivers for nearly 20 years.

After a motorcycle driver died in a crash Thursday night, police held a news conference reminding people to slow down and share the road.

Police say speed may have been a factor in the collision.

They are also asking all drivers to remember to check their blind spots before changing lanes and not to underestimate the speed of a motorcycle.

For drivers like Wild, the vulnerability that comes with being a motorcyclist is what makes defensive driving so important.

"We're watching the whole periphery around us all the time," says Wild.

"We watch out for everybody because we have no protection,"