Supporters of the Kananaskis Country Golf Course are trying to encourage the province to rebuild the flood-ravaged course.

They are selling T-shirts, hats and other items with the logo “Restore the Vision” in a bid to raise awareness about the badly-damaged facility.

“Thirty-two of the 36 holes have some form of damage and … some are quite a bit worse off than others,” said Bob Paley, head golf pro at course.

Paley said a lot of people take it for granted it will be rebuilt, but the province hasn't decided yet.

“So we just thought, you know what, now's the time. There isn't a lot going on with regards to golf and golf courses to just plant that seed with everybody.”

Mary Lou Reeleder, who speaks for Alberta Tourism Parks and Recreation, said she understands the passion for golfing in Kananaskis.

But she said there are higher priorities right now.

“And there was a need to focus first on critical infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and highways,” she said.

“We're moving quickly also to restore the popular recreation trails, pathways, campgrounds, day use areas in our provincial parks.”

Reeleder said a decision on whether to restore the course is not likely to be made in time for the 2014 season.