A Jehovah's Witness girl is fighting for what she believes are her rights from a Calgary hospital bed.

The Supreme Court will decide Thursday whether to hear Mia's case. The 16-year-old Calgary girl's name cannot be published so she has been identified by the last three letters of the disease she is suffering from, leukemia.

Mia had initially been declared a ward of the province after she refused blood transfusions because of her religious beliefs. But, that guardianship was lifted earlier this month after it was determined blood transfusions would no longer help her condition.

David Gnam, Mia's lawyer, says they're hoping for a quick resolution to the case.

"It would depend very much on the Supreme Court. There have been examples where they have very quickly heard an appeal and ruled from the bench. The most dramatic probably the Tremblay-Dagle case, the abortion case in Quebec, where it was heard very quickly and rendered from the bench that very day."

Gnam is appealing the lower courts' decision that the Child Welfare Act supersedes her rights as a mature minor.

Mia is now receiving palliative care at the Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary.