The case of a 16-year-old Jehovah's Witness who doesn't want blood transfusions reaches Alberta's highest court Friday.

The Calgary girl is appealing a decision forcing her to have the transfusions as part of her treatment to fight leukemia. She says the transfusions violate her religious beliefs. But the courts have ruled that under the Child Welfare Act, the girl is not mature enough to reject treatment.

The girl's name cannot be published because of a publication ban.

Robert Calvert represents the girl's father, who wants her to continue having the transfusions.

Calvert says the case is very important, especially if the girl wins. "It would have all kinds of implications on other issues such as voting, serving in the military, when they have the capacity to drink. There are all kinds of implications as to what happens to the maturing of children."

Calvert says he expects the case will end up in the Supreme Court of Canada if the Appeal Court rules against the girl.