Former Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones will talk film, politics at Calgary's film fest

Former Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones talks about film, politics and about the peace he finds in Canada as he films season three of his show in Calgary.

Jones calls Calgary 'film friendly' and has been in town filming his show The Detour since July

Samantha Bee, left, and her husband Jason Jones arrive to The 2012 Comedy Awards in New York. Both credit their careers being kick started by The Daily Show. (AP)

Jason Jones is primarily known for the work he did as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. But in the years since the Canadian actor left the show, he's pursued a number of different endeavours, one of which has landed him in Calgary. 

Jones, who has been filming his TBS comedy series The Detour in Calgary since July, will be presenting this weekend at the Calgary International Film Festival

The festival begins Wednesday and goes until Oct. 1, screening 200 multi-genre features and short films from Canada and over 40 other countries, as well as a number of other special presentations.

Jones expects his spot this weekend will cover a general discussion about film, but he imagines it will also tread into the topics of politics and the differences between Canada and the United States, given his background with The Daily Show and his executive producer role on his wife's show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Filming in Calgary because it's 'film friendly'... among other things

Jones, in an interview with The Homestretch, called Calgary "film friendly" and said he's been exploring all the area has to offer from the Stampede, to hiking in the Rockies, a Stampeders game and more.

Season Three of The Detour got the green light in April and the plot will be based in Alaska for the most part. However, much of Alaska will very closely resemble Calgary to viewers from southern Alberta. 

"Mostly it looks a lot like Alaska, and Alaska has no tax credits," Jones said.

Jones brought his whole family out to Alberta this summer and they rented a place in Okotoks, Alta. as their home base. 

"There was so much to do in Okotoks," Jones said. 

Mining marriage for the sake of comedy

Bee and Jones, both Canadians, are co-producers on both The Detour and Full Frontal. He said the workload comes with its challenges but largely they've become sounding boards for one another. 

"I wrote a lot of [The Detour] and then she'd tell me, 'That sucks,' then I'd rewrite it and then she'd tell me, 'That sucked,' again. Then she'd write it and we were like, 'That's good,' " he laughed. 

Jones wasn't shy to say that he shamelessly mines his marriage to Bee for material. 

"If she says something on the occasion that is annoying, I'll put it in a script." 

Jones said while he still "adores" Canada and values the chance to escape the madness of American politics, he and his wife have decided on New York City as home for them and their children. 

With files from CBC Calgary's The Homestretch